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About Me.

Tony Bandiero

Executive Director

Eastern Pennsylvania Alliance for Clean Transportation

Tony has worked as EP-ACT’s Executive Director since 2009, having previously served on the Board of Directors for over one and a half years. Tony has been involved in the fueling and alternative fueling industry for more than 11 years. He works to help both public and private fleets with their transition to alternatives to imported petroleum and diesel. His work includes education and outreach; grant writing; project coordination and management; along with seminars to develop public/private partnerships that lead to the conversion of alternative fuel vehicles and infrastructure that supports those vehicles. Tony spearheaded the expansion of the coalition from 5 counties in southeastern PA to include 29 additional counties of eastern and central Pennsylvania. This was approved by the Department of Energy during a re-designation process. Since becoming Executive Director he is directly involved in projects valued at over $25 million in alternative fuels, with public, private, municipal and utility stakeholders in Pennsylvania.

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(215) 990-8200


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